Why churches?

Quite simply — ministry is a passion & fund accounting is a specialized niche which is often misunderstood and as a result, set up incorrectly.

With church audits up 400% over the last two years, it’s critical that your ministry get it right.  By offering outsourced bookkeeping, we give small and medium sized churches the peace of mind that comes from hiring those who know church bookkeeping inside and out.  Since bookkeeping is only as good as the data that can be extracted, we structure our bookkeeping with the needs of three parties in mind:

  1. The Finance Committee.  Our monthly report package includes the most common data needed by the finance committee.  Each church has unique needs, so we work together to customize additional reports into an easy to read format to reflect that data a team wants to see and omit what it does not need.
  2. The Auditor.  With multiple ways to get data into the software, our books are set up to parallel the outline of an audit so the auditor can effortlessly extract the data needed for the audit without having to jump through the hoops often required when auditing fund accounts.
  3. The Tax Preparer.  For the churches that file a 990 return, our books are simple for the tax preparer to navigate, saving both time and money.

Additionally, we are part of a network of professionals that also serve churches, including: payroll specialists, insurance providers, tax specialists, and Certified Fraud Examiner to look over the internal controls.

We serve Him by sharing what we know and do well, allowing the ministry team to focus on growing His kingdom.